Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And so it begins...

There are so many different possibilities for how this adventure might begin... so, for now, I'll spare the details, and just start where I'm at right now.

I chatted with my boss today. At first she seemed really excited for me. I was telling her about the little house on wheels, and our buying land...

I explained a few of the different possibilities, of our staying on my dad's land in New Hampshire, or our staying at Jim's mom's for the winter, and my continuing to work there until spring... at which point, I'd like to continue to do what I do for the company, but will probably not be able to arrive at the office. She didn't say much in response to that. I didn't expect her to—not right now anyway.

She humorously tried to convince me that I need to have a job, and that I'll need money... etc… She suggested we try to find land nearby... I could tell she was serious, but she said it humorously.

I sensed that she was a little uneasy about the change, but despite the comments mentioned above, she maintained a positive outlook. It was encouraging. The above comments were her initial reaction, and I had expected some resistance. But as our conversation progressed, she seemed more comfortable with the idea.

She said that we're all working towards shifting things here so that everyone's happy, so, I feel that I'm doing this at a good time... before everyone gets shifted into a particular role. This way, while the shifting is happening, she can take my leaving into consideration.

It's a little weight lifted off my shoulders, now that she knows. Before, I felt like a kid hiding something from their parents... hoping the other siblings didn't find out and accidentally let something slip.. hehe.

I told her that I'd keep her updated. I really hope Jim's Mom will let us stay there and all will be hunky-dory!

To be clear, I don't intend on not *having a job*. I intend to work from home, doing technical editing and knitwear design. Since I do already have experience doing these things part-time from home, I have no doubt that I'll be able to maintain a good flow of income that will help us pay off the little house and afford a comfortable lifestyle.