Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Basic Conclusions Re: Conposting Toilets

After thorough study, I've basically concluded that almost every commercially-designed automated composting toilet is highly prone to issues of all kinds. What's worse is, the companies making them seem to know it, and don't care.

I have concluded that THE best solution for a mobile composting toilet is either a) The loveable loo design, or b) Nature's Head, which is the only commercially designed composting toilet with a simple enough design to avoid most of the nightmarish possibilities of the more complex CT's.

The catch is, it would only serve as a mobile toilet, and would most likely not be acceptable as an alternative to a septic system when it comes to land ownership ordinances.

So... it can serve as a temporary solution while we are living out of the little house, and then I will have to build septic or sewer connections if/when we build a permanent structure on land.

Though here is a thought... I am wondering if an outhouse is an acceptable alternative to a septic system. We could use the Nature's Head inside for the most part, but have an outhouse to meet the needs of the town/city as well as giving us a place to dump the waste from the Nature's Head.

So far, that's the best I've come up with...

Leaving work now. :)

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