Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things To Figure Out:

Trying to figure out the best dormer window arrangement. The options are:

  1. Full dormers on both sides, opening up the interior, letting in lots of light, but losing some heat containment due to the extra windows.
  2. Dormers ONLY over the back third, but on both sides. This opens up the loft for optimum sit-ability and light, but still runs the risk of being a bit chilly in the winter. We could just make sure to use some VERY insulated windows in the loft dormers.
  3. We could do a full dormer on ONE side, south side only. This will simulate the solar house design, allowing more light in the entirety of the interior, leaving the loft atleast partially sit-able, BUT it also has the potential to lose a lot of extra heat.
  4. We could do a partial dormer on ONE side only, and only over the loft. This would be the most heat containing option, but would only open up the loft part way and will result in significantly less lighting in the entire interior.
I am leaning towards option 1 or 2. I would like to keep the loft open and spacious so that we can comfortably sit in it and use it for private socializing.

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