Saturday, August 8, 2009

A REAL update!! :D

Hello there! This is the first official-style update I've done in a while. Mostly it has been a chaotic mess of random notes back and forth between us as we attempt to coordinate on everything.

THIS, however... will be FUN ZONE HAPPY TIME SPACE!

Firstly, here are some preliminary blueprints I drew up for the basic layout.

We've altered the front layout since, as you will see if you scroll down a bit. In fact, all of the window locations have been atleast minorly changed since this revision.

Tiny For Two:

On the left, you will see a dividing wall that supports the loft. This also creates an office space for each of us at the back end of the house, allowing us to each pursue our private endeavors in a remarkably small space, overally.

My side will have a flip-out 18x30/30x30 transformer desk, as shown. This will allow me a place to set up my studio monitors and recording equipment. See figure 2 for a vertical view of my planned desk layout. :)

Playing a guitar in this tiny space may be a little conforming, but I expect to be able to use the six foot length to my advantage. Also, the house itself will be wholly utilizable as a recording space in itself, as it is in such close proximity to the equipment. I need only move a microphone six feet to change environments.

There is also the option of loft recording. I feel this might be a good option for a quiet stage-like background for a video feed, for instance.


This third sketch illustrates the general concept of the second floor.

The back wall will have a stretch of 2x2' windows across a shed dormer, opening up the design, and letting quite a bit of light in.

Across the way, there will be a 3' deep storage loft over the bathroom. There will be shelves for storage, and a place to keep a fresh water storage jug for when we are on the road. (It will be positioned over the shower with an on-demand heater for easy gravity-fed bathing whe off-grid.)

Finally, most importantly, I'd like to share this finalized freehand layout I've designed for the windows. I enjoyed making it, and think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. :)

We decided that it was worth it to distribute two more windows across the front to help balance the weight on the right side. We also opted to make one of the 3x3's on the back wall a 3x4 for emergency exit capability.

I am finally starting to feel pleased with the process that we are making on this project. I can't wait to see some physical progress on the trailer.

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Personally, I think you should put a full-size mockup of your space--perhaps using stakes and clothesline or plastic tape to signify "walls". If you do this, you may find you lack sufficient living space between the kitchen counter and the "office" wall. I also think your design wastes the space between toilet and shower. I would opt for something more like Jay Schaefer's designs, with both toilet and shower opening into the kitchen space. What is now dead space at the end would become space to stand and work in the kitchen area, and you'd gain about eight square feet (at a guess) in the process. Having the loft bed space above the kitchen/bath space, too, opens up the rest of the design substantially.
    Next, your roof design seems unnecessarily complicated. A straight shed roof--a single plane--would be simpler all around. See, for example, the free plan from the Tiny House Design blog. That sort of single-plane shed roof would be easier, faster, and cheaper to build as well as giving a little more space on that side of the roof.
    Also, with the roof sloping up on that end, you might turn the bed sideways so the maximum room is above the head of the bed. I think you'd find this more comfortable in use by quite a bit.
    Good luck!