Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tiny For Two

After speaking with my Uncle, we've hammered out some layout details. We've decided to move the bathroom to the right of the doorway, taking it out of the main living space and kind of tucking it behind the entrance.

We've also discussed dormers quite a bit more, and I am leaning towards the idea of a full length dormer on the South facing side, simulating the tiny solar house design but with a peaked roof and shed dormer instead.

I am also considering a small dormer over the loft only on the left. We could consider going without windows here, as this is the north wall we're talking about.

The space under the loft will be divided down the middle with a supporting wall for the loft. I'd like to recess this wall by about two or three feet if possible, using a strong framing beam to support the first couple feet. I'm not sure how feasible this is, but it would aid in the next part.


The difficulty of properly laying out a tiny space is markedly increased when one is attempting to account for two people. However, that IS the scenario we are facing and we are doing our best to work out a way to make the space both privatized for each of us and still spacious at the same time.

To alleviate workspace issues and the need for our own work desks; under the loft, on either side of the dividing wall will be a desk for each of us with a window over it. Shelving for speakers and an LCD monitor will be mounted on the wall in my half, as I am attempting to accomodate a desktop computer for the time being. (Switching to laptop later, when we want to hit the road and power usage needs to be more restricted.)

I am also considering some 1/2 foot shelving or cubby holes along the walls either at the end or on the sides of my work space for storage.


We are leaning towards propane for the heat, but I am considering whether or not we might be able to get away with electrical heat if we use the ultra-low-power-usage freezer mod... but I think I would rather worry less about power consumption and just get a propane tank.

If anyone has any input on that, I'm all ears... :)

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