Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fine Tuning

Well, it has been a while since I updated here, so here we go.

Progress is coming along, and I have a new batch of pics to upload soon.

There are a few things I’m noticing already that I would want to do differently if I built it again. Not huge deals, but significant things. One, the loft should probably be double-dormer... maybe even the whole house double dormered. The other thing is, the windows must be placed more carefully. I didn’t quite spec out heights for positioning them, and when I’m standing my line of sight goes JUST above the window. They should be good when sitting, but I would really prefer the versatility of being able to comfortably stand and gaze out my window.

Not make-or-break issues, but definitely things I would have done differently if I had the foresight.

On the upside, siding is almost done, door and windows are all in, roof seal is on and ready for metal roofing, electric is marked out and ready to be installed.

Next steps:

Electric installation
Insulation installation
Knotty pine interior.


  1. I just found your site, through Knitty. The house is amazing! I've seen some designs before, but I really like this one.

    My spiritual journey at this point is a little different. We are building a house that is completely off the grid. The gift is that we must be thoughtful about our use of power. "Cheap" energy that comes into a house 24/7 can encourage overuse and a lack of awareness of the full cost of that energy in human suffering and environmental damage.

    Your tiny house also addresses this issue from a different direction: using the grid but significantly reducing the adverse environmental and social impact at the same time.

    Best wishes for you in your new endeaver!

  2. Thanks for your writing, it helps when I am plannin my tiny house