Friday, September 4, 2009


Spoke to my father today, who went up and saw the little house in progress yesterday. He said that the framing is complete, and plywood is up.

Bub said they will be doing the windows today, and maybe start on the siding if there is time.

Meanwhile, I am trying to find a door ASAP!

We've settled into our little Fauxtel pretty nicely... we tried to order in some chinese, but they had a 25 dollar minimum. Luckily, the mall right down the street has Chinese, Indian, and Thai food all available side by side at the food court, which is pretty sweet. I don't eat much traditional food these days, but I have a HUGE weakness for ethnically diverse foods because I only started trying them a few years ago.

Of course, it's the FRUIT we eat during the DAY that gives us the power and vigor to pursue such lofty goals, such as building a tiny house on a trailer. ;) Take out at night does nothing for energy (saps some of it actually) but it is very tasty and comforting at this point of our upheaval and temporary relocation.

As long as we eat lots of fruit during the day, a little take out at night doesn't seem TOO destructive.

I also realized that we can walk to the movie theater, or to Barnes'n'Nobles pretty easily.

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