Friday, October 16, 2009

Scratch list

Scratch list - items for Bub to address:

- Add one exterior outlet on trailer-hitch end, near top of bathroom wall, towards the door side, with an interior switch controlling power supply. (switch would be in the upper-right corner of the bathroom "end wall"--exterior outlet would be opposite, in the same approx. area, but on the outside)

- Buy a sheet of wood paneling to cover loft "floor."

- Use excess wood paneling (or buy more) to box in area above shower stall. (Should effectively prevent mildew and mold formation above shower without sacrificing much head room.)

- Use knotty pine to box in the end of the loft, hiding the 2x4's and create a little trim strip (as used on the window borders) along top edge, over wood paneling.

- Use knotty pine strips, 2.5-3" wide, to cover exposed ends of 2x4s on office shelves. Have overlap on the top side, creating a 0.5-1" lip that will prevent things from rolling/falling out.

Tentative: (will need to be designed first)

- Would like to add a platform in the bathroom, for the toilet to sit on. Would need to be weight-bearing, with a space underneath about 1' tall to be used for cat litter box area. Two-step stairs would lead to toilet, positioned right in the middle so the cats can get in or out on either side of steps.

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