Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tourniquet Journey

Not sure if I spelled that word right. Anyway.

We've been doing our best to make do living in rather crowded conditions in our half-finished house in a self-storage facility. It has been very difficult to get much of anything done, due to the limitations on storage space. Not to mention the overwhelming amount of anxiety that set down upon me in light of the idea of moving into the house so unfinished... or the compounding of that feeling that was created by the idea of actually moving the house in an equally unfinished state.

However, I have pretty much decided to bite the bullet and do the best I can to make it happen. We're just going to eliminate everything we can, and basically lay what's left across the floors of the house so they can't crash around much.

I'm at the library, taking advantage of the sporatic option of internet access. I'm trying to tie up loose ends... still don't know WHERE my fridge is (the replacement one.) and I'm hoping the vendor who sold me the hot water heater might do an exchange for an actual on-demand tankless heater. (This one turned out to be the wrong choice.)

Anyway. It looks like we are going to attempt a launch on wednesday. We'll see if we have our truck and everything else lined up by then. Hopefully we can manage to get everything taken care of in time. If not, we might have to camp out in someone's driveway for a day or two.

That's your update. Sorry they are not more in depth or often, but it is hard to work with the limitation of having no net access. That's one of the great things about post-move... we should have internet access at Kevin's mother's for the next month, which will allow me the information access I need to get things done at a decent clip.

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  1. Thanks for the update! :-) I've been sending you guys some major mojo. ::heart::

    (me using internet at motel in Kentucky)