Friday, February 19, 2010

Relocation time - Austin, TX

We've moved our house from the flat-lands of the DFW area to the lovely hill-country west of Austin. The difference is astounding. I will have to take some pictures the next time we go out biking... the views from the hills are just amazing at times. Doesn't even feel like Texas anymore.

We were lucky enough to find the rare sort of RV park that actually has some trees and privacy, instead of just a big row of RVs lined up. It's a semi-permanent environment with a lot of permanent residents. Took some pictures of our immediate surroundings... and here they are!

First, let me just say, this is February. Woo! Felt like a tropical island in the sun. (A lot cooler in the shade though.)

We have a tiny little shade nook under some cedar trees in one corner:

And a sweet little storage shed, which is VEEEERRRRRRY important right now, because it will give me a place to move stuff so that I can build some furniture:

Took this shot the first night we arrived:

When we pulled up I noticed a three-set of stairs off to the side of our lot... shrugged it off, figuring they belonged to someone. However, shortly after, the manager asked if we had any stairs for our place. We told him we had our little one-step platform, and he mentioned that someone had left these stairs here and that we could feel free to use them. They are a perfect fit:

We're lucky enough to be in a spot that is on the edge of the park, so one whole side of our lot is bordered by woods:

And this.. this little fellow... :) is our lawn:

I am glad to be in an area that has some trees and some hills, instead of endless flat fields. It's a nice change of pace. We are also very close to a lot of stores, which is very nice for the convenience factor.

I've also devised a ridiculously simple solution for how to add a urine diverter to our loveable loo. If there's anyone out there in need of this info, let me know and I will provide.


  1. Congrats! It also looks like spring has sprung... very nice.

  2. Here's a link for you. Another small space with some seriously innovative ideas.

    I love how committed you are to "less is more." I imagine it's great for focusing your life and reducing the wear and tear of too many possessions.

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  4. My wife and I are in the process of building a loveable loo for our tiny house ( and would love to know what you did for a urine diverter. Love you house and blog--we've taken some great ideas from it... Thanks!