Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alternate Plans

So, it seems as though the Martin House (our Plan A) has indeed been sold. I'm pretty bummed about that... but with each closed door, another opens—I'm keeping myself optimistic. We're not exactly sure which of our other plans we will actually be going with yet... it all depends on which one works out the soonest.

James has talked with his uncle about building us something to match the Martin House, or something very similar. His uncle is in the process of finding out if he can purchase the materials for the amount we'd like to spend, so we're waiting to hear back from him. Once we hear back—yay or nay—then we can move forward with deciding which direction we're planning on going.

If he cannot build one for the amount we have to spend, then we're considering the Sonoma Shanty. This will give us a bunch of options.

• We could get the whole house built for somewhere around $25,000 (I believe, I can't recall the exact price)—that would take about 4 weeks for them to build.

• We could get the house, with the floor, walls and roof mounted on the trailer for $9000—that would take only a week for them to build. Then we'd have to finish building ourselves... while we live in it.

• We could get the kit, and see if James' uncle could build it up to a livable point before August 31st. Then we could finish it while we live in it.

I'm pretty sure all the Sonoma Shanty options mean James and I will be flying to California, renting a 1-ton truck and towing it back across the country. Building one here would save us that hastle, that's for sure.

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