Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm feeling really confident today.

Just knowing that there are 3 different possible paths for James and I to succeed at obtaining a little house really helps me feel like it's all going to work out okay.

These past few weeks, for both of us, have been pretty stressful—between trying to figure out what to do about a little house on wheels, and for me, dealing with an overdue deadline at work.

Yesterday seemed to be a great day for both of these things.

•At work, the team I'm working with and I finally got our booklets to the printer. It's been months of hard work to get to that point, and I'm SO relieved to finally be done with it.
• James' uncle got in touch with him, and they chatted about the possibility of building a small house from scratch.
• And as James said in the previous post, we told our landlord we'd be leaving.

All those things put together really lifted a big weight off our shoulders.

To boot, I talked briefly this morning with my creative director (Pam), and she was very encouraging. She really supports my decision to want to do this, and she wants to keep me as part of the design team as much as I possibly can—which was my intention also... so that works out well.

It was nice to get some feedback from someone since I first spoke with my boss (Betsy) last week. It turns out that Betsy and Pam talked about this when they were together, and they both very much want to keep me part of the company, however possible.

Oh, and also, our Lending Club loan is slowly continuing to grow. If you would, in any way like to help James and I on our adventure into financial independence, please consider investing in our lending club loan! It would greatly GREATLY be appreciated!

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