Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Door options

Check this out... 32" dutch door (opens in two sections) WITH screen door: 450.

Then, I found the dutch door store ... I placed a quote request for a 30" split door with no windows. And look at these screens they have!!

Found this on Lowe's website for 72.00. Seems like the best option. It's technically an interior door. Not sure how big an issue that is.

Here's a good bathroom door, anyway.


  1. Wow, That's ideal!
    Would you mind running that by Bub, to see what he thinks?
    I really like it :)

  2. About which one? :P I'm waiting for a quote reply from the dutch door people to compare to that used one. (used one probably has no door frame, by the looks of it, btw.. think that would be a problem.)

  3. The first comment was about the first link. It was the only one there when I commented :)

    Bub could possibly come up with a frame, something to be weather sealing, since he seems to be concerned about that. I dunno, we'd have to ask him.

    I'm not sure what the differences between inside and outside doors. Weathering, perhaps. Bub would probably know.

    Good huntin'! :)