Saturday, August 22, 2009

Little House Photos

Last weekend, James and I went up to see how Bub was doing on our little house. He told us he had done the flooring and got 1 wall up. The flooring took the longest, because it was entirely new territory for him. The one wall only took him 17 minutes to build and install.

Bub took some photos of how he attached the flooring to the trailer, and the floor insulation.

He had a friend of his cut out six ¾" steel plates, and after lots of bolt research he bolted the metal pieces to the framing, and through the metal of the trailer.

There are 3 of these on each side.

This is the view from beneath the trailer, at the bolt.

To protect the flooring from the elements, Bub put ice & water shield between the trailer and the flooring. I searched online, and it's something like this. Then he put sheathing over any other part of the flooring that protruded from the bed of the trailer.

Like so.

As we pulled into the driveway last Saturday, this is what we saw.

The wedge added to securely build over the beaver tail.

The gas line, where it will connect to the tank.

The other end of the gas line, close to where it will connect to the heater.

The height of the bedroom loft, above our offices; the loft above the bathroom will be higher to accommodate the shower.

The view at our one wall from the other side.

The view of the whole little house, with its one wall.

James got a call from Lowe's—the window's have arrived! I'm sure we'll talk with Bub again soon to see where he's at. He said he'll need us to go up there while the electrician is doing his thing. I'm hoping that's sooner rather than later. There are only 9 days left until we'll be moving out of our apartment!


  1. Very cool! I love your design. And the fact that it's mobile. We're in the middle of our own tiny house construction, so we're cheering on anyone else who's making the leap, too! Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Hi April-

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Just found the link to your house on through your website. It looks like you guys are just about done? Maybe just the exterior is finished...

    Anyway, it's looking great! I am jealous that you guys had a place to put it though. ;)