Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tempered Glass Windows

36" x 36" Utility Window $89.99

Tilt-wash Double-Hung Anderson Window (no size & price)
Upon looking at the Anderson Window website, it seems that all their windows cost more than we're looking to spend.

E-mailed about Phillips Aluminum Exterior Windows to find out if they are tempered.
Edit: It turns out that ALL of their windows are tempered. Woo!

32" x 15" ThermaStar by Pella Basement window $64.00

From what I'm finding online, I think it would probably be best to go with ordering some tempered glass windows from Home Depot. Perhaps something like these.


  1. Hey, great job on windows. The 32x15 and 36x36's should work for the whole back side... as long as there's no issue with the seal if we install the basement windows upside down. The prices are GREAT.

    I am not satisfied with the door options... I will keep looking. I want a 24" door.

  2. When looking at windows, be sure to look at the frame materials. Aluminum sucks as it will wick all the heat from one side to another quickly, completely negating the extra insulation given by double layers. Vinyl is much better, but from a green standpoint, its pretty nasty stuff. Fiberglass is best.

  3. Hi Grant-

    Appreciate your feedback, but I'm afraid the windows have been purchased and delivered. We did get vinyl. I didn't really look into how green-friendly it is. It doesn't off-gas or anything like that, right? Just not very good for the environment during construction??

    Anyway... at least it's not aluminum. :)