Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Under a Red Roof

It seems like our little house progress is a little behind schedule. I knew when we began that we were cutting it really close, but I'm still remaining confident that things will all be okay. I've never been without some kind of roof over my head, and I don't plan on starting now.

I first opted to ask our landlord, who has been notorious for being a pretty big ass, if he'd let us stay an additional month. Not to my surprise, he was very unflexible, and wanted nothing to do with helping us out in any way.

So it seems that come August 31st James, our 2 kitties and I will be moving our stuff into storage, and our selves into a hotel until the little house is finished. In a way, I'm a little relieved about this solution. While, it will be a nuisance to have to put everything into storage and live VERY simply for however long... I'm comforted to know that as soon as the house is ready, we can move in. We won't have any deadlines looming over our head — no particular days when we have to move – no rushing to move stuff from someplace into another. We can work slowly around our own schedules, at our own pace.

It'll be a little bit of a challenge adjusting to living in a hotel, but it's only temporary, and better than nothing.

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  1. I WISH I could afford to live in a hotel! I like Hotels...they make your bed FOR you!