Tuesday, October 27, 2009


WOW. That was remarkably EASY!

I was totally expecting to get the run-around, and total feeling of being un-helped, and rejected. But that's entirely the opposite of what I got.

I called my car insurance broker last week and talked with her a little about the house, and got her thinking about the process. I then went into the registry to find out from them what I needed. They basically said I just need the title and a stamped paper from the insurance company.

So, today I e-mailed my insurance broker warning her I'd be coming by, then left work a little early. She was unsure of how to go about the process, I mentioned to her about what I learned at the registry, of their only needing the title and stamped paper. So, she filled out the paper for the carhauler trailer that we built the house on top of—the trailer for which we have a title.

She then assured me that the little house would be added to my policy, insured for what I told her it's costing us to build. It's covered for Comp & Collision. She thinks this is the coolest thing, and asked me to continue to send her photos as it progresses.

I then took my stamped paper and title to the registry, where I was met by another friendly, helpful woman. She began the process of registering a car hauler, but she then asked me what we'd be hauling… I have to admit, I was hesitant to explain the whole thing, not knowing if she'd shoo me out the door or not.

I pulled out the photos I had with me—a few of the ones you've seen here on this blog.

She asked if it had a bathroom—I explained the composting toilet.

Then she asked about kitchen appliances. I explained the electric cook-tops we were planning, and said nothing's built in.

She asked if we could "basically live in it"? I said: "Yeah, we COULD live in it."

Then she asked if it had a shower… I was then getting a sense from her that she was intrigued by the concept of our little house, and that there was no problem registering something like this. So I offered that yes, it has a shower and sink. She smiled and asked if it could be registered as a camper? Cool, I thought. I was figuring we'd be registering it as a car hauler that hauled a house. So registering it as a camper seems much better.

A friend of ours recently went through the process of registering a camper in which he's living. During the process, he had made the mistake of mentioning to the insurance and registry people that he was planning on living in it, and that made things difficult for him. So, I was sure not to mention to anyone that we were planning on using it as our living facility.

Glad this went well. It was a big weight hanging over my chest since the project began.

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