Sunday, November 1, 2009

Maiden Voyage

Today my dad helped us bring our little house on its maiden voyage to its temporary living place until we head south for the winter.

The total height is 13' 4" at the tongue end and 13' 3" at the back end. I admit, I was nervous about the bridges, and held my breath as we would go under each one.

My dad said that there is a bit of weight falling on the tongue of the trailer, and suggests when we're traveling, that we pack the back end of the trailer to try balancing it out. Today it was traveling empty, and the back end of the trailer will be holding a lot more stuff in general, so that may help too.

Just before the first bridge. Oh, how scary.

Pulling into its new home.

My dad working some house-moving magic.

That's me and my dad. I'm so thankful he helped us on this maiden journey. His wisdom and experience about towing was really invaluable today. I now have a lot more confidence about traveling with this around the country after seeing that it is possible to tow it.

Here's a blurry, not-so-great photo of the dividing wall between our offices. I love that there are some shelves built in to use the wall space.

Kitchen sink & counter minus the cabinet doors… they're back ordered.

The view through the bathroom door. Check out the faucet. I love that thing.

I'm incredibly relieved to have landed our little house after its first journey. James has taken tomorrow off to seal the interior and do some other things to help make it ready to move in. Hopefully we'll be able to move in next weekend.


  1. So so AWESOME!!! The inside is looking great! I especially love your kitchen. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on the house!!! I got a concept that I was wondering would work with a house like this, and since you have a house I wanted to know your opinion on this. Instead of creating a loft area for a bed, why not put your bed underneath the floor boards where the insulation is, thus instead of insulation you have your bed. You could even fit a kings size bed under there and it would provide insulation when not in use. Of course, this would mean raising the floor alittle bit but if you get rid of the loft area because of this you would be saving a lot of space. Additionally, you could use the space under other parts of the floor boards as storage for clothing. Thus instead of having insulation you have clothes which can double as a sort of insulator. This frees up space to create greater headroom and even a possible attic where a bunch of stuff can be stored. But, I wanted to know in your opinion if this would be possible. Would taking out the insulation below your floor boards have a substantial effect? Or do you think the bed and the clothes would be adequate?