Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Before James and I moved in, we put 2 coats of polyurethane on the interior. Here are some photos of James, Kevin and Mike working on that process.

After the first coat of polyurethane was dry, they sanded. Here Mike is vaccuming up some dust from the sanding process.

Here's Kevin, doing the same.

James is wiping off any sanding residue that might have been missed, so we can put on the second coat.

This fan has been a great help to get the fumes out, as well as circulating the heat. I'm so happy we decided to put it in.

Move-in day. What a mess. Lots of organizing and shelf-building to come…

Here's Mozy, exploring the Lovable Loo (before its first use).
We'll definitely need to keep the lid down.

Jelly bean is enjoying the view from the loft. I think the kitties really like it here. We set up their kitty towers so they can use them to get in and out of the loft. James and I are also currently using them until we build some other method.

We spent our first night in the little house last night. The smell from the combination of wood and polyurethane concerned me somewhat, so James opened a window. Luckily it was warm enough last night that it didn't cool us down much. The fresh air was nice. When I woke, Mozy and Jelly were both curled up in the loft with us, right in front of the window.

I really appreciated the silence and darkness—something I'm not used to having when falling asleep. It felt like camping.


  1. Its beautiful- especially the loft with windows!

  2. I just discovered your blog and I think it's wonderful. As such, I'm a little behind on your story, does blogspot allow you a page set aside for some background?