Friday, January 1, 2010

Comfortable Seating in a Tiny House?

I've been wrestling with how to get comfortable seating into our tiny house for a while now. The original plan was to have a monitor arm mounted in such a way that would allow us to move the monitor up into the loft with ease and just watch DVDs while lying in bed.

What I've realized is that this was a limited solution... it doesn't really address the need for casual-yet-comfortable seating, and it didn't work out anyway because the monitor arm I bought ended up not really having the span we needed. :(

So I was thinking about papasan chairs, how comfy they are... obviously way too big... but they have these folding papasan chairs I've seen, so I was looking into those.

While I was looking, I discoverd "mamasan chairs" or double-papasan chairs as they are sometimes called. This is basically a loveseat papasan chair. LOVED it, except, again... too big!

So I've been searching, fruitlessly, for a FOLDING mamasan chair or folding double-papasan, but I cannot come up with anything!

The ONLY other solution I've come up with is to put in a "fold down couch" like they use in toy haulers. The problems with these are, a) the only model I can find is 7 feet long, b) they are 500 dollars :O, and c) (biggest problem) they are only so big and still won't allow for comfortable resting unless one lies down on it. Otherwise, they are about as effective as any other chair solution, leaving you only limited padding on the butt and back, no where to rest the head, etc. etc.

Do I have to just give up on my dream of having a relaxing chair in my house? :(

I am getting discouraged here. A lot of things have gone wrong with our project, and I have grown pretty frustrated. Most of the other problems I can handle, but I just want a comfy seat in my house without having to crawl into the tight-roofed loft and lie down.

Open to any and all suggestions...



  1. sky chairs!! can be taken down easily when you need the room, super comfortable. especially if you get the kind with the foot rest.

  2. A good office chair is pretty nice, since you alread need some for your desks, you might as well give a little room for them to roll out into your "living room"

    Hollow cube ottomans make for really nice places to put your feet and store more stuff, and can be put against the wall for use as a bench when not otherwise needed.