Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Loans - not quite as easy as I thought

Finding a loan for this little house is proving itself to be somewhat of a hassle.

So far, I've tried some banks local to us, from which I've learned that they only provide loans for travel trailers that are purchased locally. One told me that this type of little house is considered a mobile/modular home rather than a travel trailer... I've been getting mixed reviews about that. According to the woman we hope to purchase it from, she suggested we look for travel trailer loans.

It's frustrating, but I am determined to get SOME kind of loan, so we may purchase this thing and get on with our lives.

My next step is going to be to look into banks closer to where we will be purchasing the little house FROM, in hopes that it will solve the *local* issue. The little-house company used to offer financing, but no longer does. James has contacted them to find out what bank they used to use to finance. I'm hoping that leads to something promising.

Fingers crossed!

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