Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Truck

James and our friend Kevin have found a great place for us to park for the winter—in East Texas. It's on a lake, with pine trees; there's electricity and wireless internet. I'm pretty excited about it, and comforted knowing that there's someplace for us to be.

We've settled on heading south around Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if we'll go before or after, but around then. So, I need to get a truck!

I've been searching around online, and am thinking about getting a Diesel GMC Sierra 3500 or a Ford F350. I definitely want a 1 ton truck, as I'm terrified enough about towing this thing. I want to be sure the truck we get can handle the load, and maintain my sanity. This review was pretty helpful.

I found a GMC Sierra 2500 for sale (shown above), for a pretty reasonable price, however I'm unsure about the 10,500 towing capacity of the 2500. I'm not sure how much our little house will weigh, so I don't want to take any risks of having a truck that can't handle it.

We'd also like the truck to have an extended cab or a cap. Our little kitties will need a comfortable place to travel with us.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions about what to be aware of while searching for a truck, I'd love to hear them—especially from people who are towing a tiny house.

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