Thursday, December 3, 2009


We don't have our truck yet. We found one about 2 weeks ago—a Ford F350, Dually, Diesel 7.3 engine. I've been trying to pick it up since we found it, and I keep being told by the person/dealer? selling it to us that it will be ready "tomorrow"—but each time I call "tomorrow" to check on it, it's not ready for some reason or another. The truck is physically *ready* for us to pick up now—all the work he wanted to do on it has been done, but he doesn't have the title in his hands, so we've been waiting for the title arrive in the mail from the bank. He said he should have it today at 2PM. For some reason, I'm not entirely hopeful that he'll really have it.

It's Thursday. We were hoping to get out of here yesterday, but obviously that did not happen. The owner of the self storage place where we were staying needed us to be out by Wednesday, as some town inspectors had found out that people were living on his commercial property. Because we didn't get our truck in time, I had to ask my dad to help us move the house. Thankfully he was available to do it. We, and a friend of ours and his camper are now parked in the front yard of James' mom's house. I'm so VERY thankful that they agreed to let us stay here for a few days. Otherwise, I'm not sure where we'd be.

Moving yesterday felt rushed. The things inside, weren't secured enough for even the short journey, so some things fell over and there was a mess, but I'm not sure anything broke and it cleaned up pretty easily. I have a better idea now of what needs to be secured for the long journey to Texas… which hopefully begins soon.


  1. Hang in there! This in between time must be the hardest time... Finishing stuff up and getting going already! Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration, and the honesty. My husband and I are in a holding pattern (read: paying off debt & waiting for the market to improve so we can sell our house) waiting to make a big change (dropping everything and joining the Peace Corps? building our own tiny house and trucking around the continent? Going straw bale and building a tiny place where we can grow food and have sheep? Who knows!) We know that whatever we end up doing (and all through the seemingly long wait to get there!) that there are going to be lots of WTF moments - days, weeks even, but still sometimes we get way too caught up in and frustrated over being stuck in our current situation, thinking that whatever comes next will be ideal... Sorry I am writing a book - basically all to say that what you're doing here has been really inspiring to us, it's something that we dream about and we really appreciate you sharing it here. Wishing you some calm and patience through these last details and frustrations!

  2. That last 10% always seems to last forever :(