Friday, December 25, 2009

White Christmas

The snow followed us to Texas & we have a white Christmas… well, white for Texas :)


  1. Looking 4 RV lot?? PM me J R

  2. Hi, Anonymous. We don't know who you are. Can't message you if we don't know who you are... who are ya?

  3. On Texas 29 hiway, 2 miles or so East of Burnet, TX is a developing RV Park. My DW and I are in the parent park in Burnet. We are here 6 months and Missouri 6 months.

    The new park is spacious with very few renters. Gravel drives with concrete pads. It may or may not serve your purpose.

    DW hobbie is in the fiber arts from fleece to finish product.

    The Rv park number here 1 512 756 8109 they can give the info on their East park on 29. I have not spoke to the managers.
    J R