Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Living space

I spent a little time last night condensing boxes and organizing our box pile into a more usable living space.

Since we don't yet have any built-in furniture, we've been improvising with the things we currently have in the little house.

I used a few banana boxes filled with books to make a sort-of couch… For a little while now, I've been wanting to have another place to sit, other than my office. The only seating we had was in our offices, and there's a wall between them, making it difficult to be comfortably social.

The bookshelves are still a bit of a cluster-mess, but this is a start. It's starting to feel a bit more livable, and less like a storage closet.

That's my office—where I spend most of my days, while I work from home. It's cozy. I'm often moving things around to use table space, and try to find better ways to work with what I have. There are still boxes and clutter that I'm working on finding a better way to store… but it's workable, and I think it has a nice, homey feel to it.


  1. Awesome work - my DH & I want to do something like this when all the kids are grown up & out of the house. Do you travel around a lot yet, or is that in the plans for the future?

  2. cool - i have been looking forward to pics of the inside of the house!

  3. Haha... Amanda: We've been delaying putting up pics of the interior because we want to get it more complete.... but I guess these things take time!

    Shari: We have not traveled much yet, just from MA to DFW, TX, then down to Austin, TX... the plan was to use it for travel, though. It looks like we might be going back to MA for the summer to try to get more work done on it, though.

  4. I just found your blog through Your house looks awesome! And Austin is my favorite city in the world. :)

  5. this is so neat! I'm a little obsessed with small living spaces but not sure if my husband and I have what it takes to live in a space this small. Very cool though, can't wait to see more interior photos :)